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See the pictures attached. First impressions - took them into the back garden - and wow! The above mentioned throphy mule deer hunter told me once that a friend had just come from a very exclusive desert sheep hunting camp in Baja California. The prism is not dispersive since light enters and exits the prism only at normal incidence.

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Carlos, that is indeed the book. They recruited three key workers from Carl Zeiss London Ltd. If you go to the Carl Zeiss web page and send them an email with the serial number of the lens, they will look it up for you and tell you exactly the month and year the lens was manufactured.

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Hard eyecups, a bit too small and without any regulation. For ease of manufacture, the prism is often made as a pair of double-right-angled prisms and the two halves cemented together. Wayne von Zowell shopped yard sales for years to find them. Obviously such bino's are junk. As a result the weight of the Binoctem decreased from grams to grams only to rebound later to grams.

Any one of these binoculars, especially the post with bloomed lenses, are suitable for astronomy. Hard eyecups, how to build a bit too small and not regulated. They are remarkably similar to Ross Stepnada of the same vintage. There is a horizontal graticule in the right eyepiece with its graduations marked on the right prism plate.

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Since that time I've got to appreciate them more, as I have change my hunting technique since then. Performance-wise optically, they are remarkably similar, although the Vanguard has better light transmission because the optics are bloomed. Beats a spotting scope cold because of the binocular vision.

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Dating carl zeiss jena binoculars

Took me some years, and while my dbase is not perfect at one point I decided to slow down a bit of fear to end up in mental hospital I'm able to predict things pretty accurately. On p is noted that weak or faulty hinge tension is corrected with oversize bearings. Arthur Rank film, Campbell's Kingdom the fact that Kershaw had been a Rank subsidiary since may account for their use as a prop. He was, I was to discover, a master in the art of glassing. In the land of the blind, the one eye is king.

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If you don't know how the binocular was constructed, never attempt to dismantle it yourself, because a screwdriver in the wrong hands causes a world of woe. Two listings then exist, dating slovenia and run very much in parallel. When they eventually arrive! This coding was later dropped as cases were always being added or lost. They are too expensive for my pocket.

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Best vintage ( era) binoculars - 24hourcampfire

Focus seems to work fine still though - are they supposed to do this or is this a bit of a fault? Can't say much about edge-to-edge shaprness, because I don't really care about that. The optics in this pair are not coated, and need cleaning but I have yet to dismantle them. Yes my Bushnell's are the Classic. They are not water or fogproof, but the glass in them is amazing, they are still the best pair of binocs that either of us own.

At the time they were the cream of the crop for optics. There is nothing like the Vade Mecum. They are not waterproof but that said I don't put them in a position to fog. This effect can easily be seen by holding the binocular up to a light sky or other light surface and examining the exit pupil. Lomb in Rochester, dating in dublin ca New York.

And looking at the bin, charlotte dating scene the Dialyt is clearly the winner. Newton Ellis cleaned them and replaced the bridge end caps with those from my damaged binocular. Do you know how water resistant they are?

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  2. If asked to choose which models I prefer, I'd have to say the Mk.
  3. That menas he used his bin to find game, not to get a better look at something he'd already seen.
  4. Overall very impressed for a odd year old pair of glasses, though I haven't looked through any modern, phase-corrected glass so can't compare it to modern bins.
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Dating carl zeiss jena binoculars

Rest of the bins are filthy - but a good clean with some shoe polish as suggested by James Bean should bring them right up! Because there are only a pair of air-glass surfaces in the prism train, they are more efficient, than the type I Porro prism. But check the screws and fittings to ensure there is minimal corrosion. The prism unit was made of a pair of cemented right angle prisms, and the prism-eyepiece system unfortunately had a tendency to separate. Dessicator vent unions and less permeable oculars were later incorporated.

Navy, at their Rochester N. It is tentative in places. There are also still gaps between the blocks of numbers attributed to years. By the time you've paid for a refurbishment, you'll have spent half as much again.

What you want may have been published by the Zeiss Historica Society. Zeiss still made good porros then, but they were way too expensive for me then. Still not right, will mention it when I phone Zeiss tomorow about the eyecups. But even those without splash guards are fine binoculars. Porro prism binoculars come in two distinct styles.

  • For a typical example of what can happen when buying a vintage binocular on eBay, see end of article.
  • Porro prism binoculars occasionally need their prism sets to be re-aligned to bring them into collimation.
  • That would be more equal in price to the Vortex of today.
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The Dialyt has the pincussion distorsion typical for european bins, like the other two as well. View this user's Gallery Profile Advertisement. If individual eyepiece focus, make sure the eyepieces are free to turn.


That is a fixture that would be very handy. Initially these were calibrated with the focal length in centimeters. They discovered that a coating of magnesium fluoride film applied under heat and vacuum allowed more light to pass and thus archieved their goals. Now optics technology, coatings, etc. And yes, the Zephyr didn't have any lens scratches, was still in alignment, had never been abused and was in excellent condition when sold.

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